Healthcare to grow only after personal information regulation ease…Medical big data utilization to be a point
Kim Ji Seob | cloud50@ | 2018-03-13 10:07:53

The Korean government is trying to increase the utilization of `medical big data` for the development of the `digital healthcare industry`, and experts say that it should solve the `Personal Information Protection Act`.

According to the industry on March 12, the Ministry of Health and Welfare is promoting the `Special Act on Healthcare Medical Data`, and it is said that by the end of this month, NGOs and lawyers will gather opinions on the pilot project.

The Special Act covers the establishment of a basic plan through the Health and Medical Data Policy Committee and the operation of a deliberation subcommittee on the provision of data composed of experts and civic groups, protection of personal information and establishment of preliminary and post-measures measures. The Ministry of Health and Welfare plans to carry out pilot projects from this year to next year and to promote the project from 2020. This year, a budget of 8.9 billion won will be spent on building big data platforms and related research.

Industry, therefore, argues that the special law should not be a new regulation. According to the Hogan Lobels Survey, a large law firm in the United Kingdom, Korea has the highest level of privacy regulation.

According to the Association for Creation and Economic Research, the United States does not have a comprehensive regulation of personal information, but protects personal information with a focus on follow-up supervision. In order to build a digital single market that maximizes economic activities using new technologies such as Big Data, As an object to be freely distributed within the European Union. Japan also created `anonymous processing information` which is processed so that individuals can not be identified and freely utilized without the consent of the individual information subject.

In this situation, only 70% of the global big data start-ups are regulated by the "Public Information Protection Law" of the public sector and the "Personal Information Protection Act, Credit Information Protection Act, and Information and Communication Network Act" It is pointed out that the service is not available in Korea.

Meanwhile, Song Seung-jae, chairman of the Korea Digital Health Industry Association, said, "The ministry`s efforts to improve the utilization of medical big data are good, but it will be difficult if there is a clause clause." We need to dissolve regulations in the market, "If you attach a clue clause, it can be a regulation itself."

"Currently, the data provided by the National Health Insurance Review and Assessment Service is non-identifiable information that cannot be compared with others, and there is no sensitive information at all," said Lee Hong-gi, There is nothing you can do if you look at it strictly. It should be as open as possible in line with the guidelines. "

Choi, Soo-jin MD, Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy, pointed out, "Personal information should be protected, but the information that can be utilized must be precisely classified accurately," and that "a system to compensate for leakage of personal information should be made properly."

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