Samsung SDS-LG CNS to battle for ‘next generation market’ order acquisition
Hur Woo Young | yenny@ | 2018-03-12 10:55:17

Samsung SDS and LG CNS are expected to meet with the PPS for the next generation national e-procurement system (country market) construction project.

The PPS, on March 11, revealed that it will close the bidding of the proposal of the information technology strategic plan (ISP) business of KRW 2.2 billion which is the first task of the next country market construction project.

KONEPS, established in 2002, was established by Samsung SDS as a service that can handle the procurement tasks of existing documents, manual and all ministries and public institutions through the Internet. Nara Changdae was selected as one of the top e-government projects for innovation in procurement, received the UN Public Service Innovation Award, 2004 Best Practices for Transparency Improvement in OECD, and 2006 WCIT Public Sector Excellence Award. In addition, Vietnam, Costa Rica, Mongolia, Tunisia, Jordan and exported to the e-government advanced country, the status of Korea has increased.

However, in the 16th year of the opening of the country market, it is inevitable to overhaul the system due to the overflow of processing capacity and errors in document circulation and standard linkage system. (EbMS) applied to e-document data processing method (eb-XML), which is standard technology in 2002, is vulnerable to falsification and error in transmission and reception of electronic documents, have.

The PPS is expected to invest KRW 50 billion to build a next-generation system that will reorganize the nation`s market by the end of 2020. It plans to set up an ISP with a development direction this year and start construction from next year and open it in early 2021. The new nationwide marketplace aims to enhance user convenience and enhance security with the goal of customized e-procurement services with a user-oriented design. It also diversifies authentication methods such as biometric authentication and simple authentication, and makes it possible to use key services in mobile devices.

Meanwhile, the company is also expected to focus on cloud computing, block chains, big data, artificial intelligence and other new technologies to build flexible and stable systems, streamline operations, and block unfair practices. It also establishes an integrated future model for integrated e-procurement services with 26 ministries and agencies that have self-procurement systems such as KEPCO, road construction, and KORAIL.

Twenty IT service companies, including Samsung SDS, LG CNS and Lotte Information & Communication, participated in the briefing held on the 26th of last month. Considering that this project is a business that needs new technology, the Ministry of Information and Communication of Myeong -

Samsung SDS and LG CNS are each planning to form a consortium and participate in the bid in the industry. Both companies are confident of winning projects based on their advanced technology. SK Corp.`s C & C and POSCO ICT, which did not participate in the briefing, are not participating in the bid.

An expert from the Public Procurement Service said, "We will decide on the provider after announcement of proposal evaluation on March 27."

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