‘Galaxy S9`` to be the first premium self sufficient phone…Complete self sufficient system to be in competition?
Kim Ji Young | kjy@ | 2018-03-09 11:08:04

[Digital Times, Kim Ji-young] Samsung Electronics` Galaxy S9 series is also being launched in the form of self-help, which is expected to affect self-help related discussions and market formation.

According to the industry on March 8, Samsung Electronics and three mobile telecommunication companies will launch the Galaxy S9 series launch event and start full-fledged sales. The price of the Galaxy S9 64GB is 957,000 won, Galaxy S9 + 64GB is 1,056,000 won, and Galaxy S9 + 256GB is 1,155,000 won.

Especially, the Galaxy S9 is attracting attention as it is the first premium smartphone to be purchased as a self-supporting handset. It sells at Samsung.com, Samsung Digital Plaza, large electronics stores (e-Land, Hi-Mart), online shopping malls (Gmarket, Auction, 11th Avenue, Lotte.com, CJ Mall, Timon).

Usually self-service terminals are about 10% more expensive than terminals purchased through mobile operators, but this time, they will be released at the same price as those of the three operators. In addition, the industry forecasts that card discounts and cash back services will be a little cheaper in open market such as 11th Avenue. Besides, it can be used immediately after installing additional services and essential apps without any conditions, which will make the installation easier. It is possible to join not only the three major carriers but also the flat phone, and there is no contract term or penalty fee.

The Galaxy S9 was introduced last month as a self-supporting handset after discussing it at the House Communication Policy Council. The government, as well as citizens and consumer groups, telecommunication companies, manufacturers, and other stakeholders gathered to raise the current self-sufficiency market. The government expects the Galaxy S9 self-help handset to contribute to the self-help market. Chun Jung-bae, director of the Ministry of Information and Communication (MIC) of the Ministry of Information and Communication, said, "Stakeholders have agreed to raise the handset self-sufficiency rate after completing the council on telecommunication cost policy on the 23rd," Samsung Electronics is proactive, and the Galaxy S9 self- Explaining and expressing their expectations.

Although the market has been moving in this way, the discussions on the legislation related to full self-sufficiency are still in progress.

Park Hong-keun, Kim Sung-soo (along with the Democratic Party) and Kim Sung-tae (the Free Korean Party) have begun the bill on the terminal self-sufficiency system. It is unclear whether the bill will be reviewed at the extraordinary session of the National Assembly in April. The National Assembly`s Science, Technology, Information and Communications Communication Committee is working on a so-called workshop, and it is not easy to collect opinions because the bill has been issued in both chambers. There are also prospects that it will pass the first half of the year.

An expert of the National Assembly said, "We have plans to reopen debates and public hearings in order to institutionalize self-sufficiency.”

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