Even nuclear weapon super computer to be mobilized…Cryptocurrency mining after big boom
Lee Gyung Tak | kt87@ | 2018-02-14 11:11:44

While the rise of Bitcoin and Altcoin, which had soared since last year, has slowed down due to hacking accidents in virtual currency exchanges, including Korea, Japan and Italy, and the related regulations have been strengthened. There are various attempts such as hacking for virtual money mining (mining).

Thousands of websites, including US and UK government agencies, have been infected for several hours with virtual money mining malware last weekend, according to British technology specialist media The Register.

The hackers were looking for a plug-in vulnerability in Brows Allaude, a web page reading software for the visually impaired. We changed the source code of this software and secretly infected the user PC that accessed the site where the plugin was installed, and mined the virtual currency `Monero`.

Cryptocurrency exploitation through malicious code infestation refers to hackers planting malicious code supporting mining on other PCs for virtual currency mining that requires huge computing resources and then utilizing these PCs in the mining process. The infected institutions include 4,200 websites including New York City University in the United States, court information portal Uncle Sam`s, Lund University, and UK college lending institutions. Hackers are looking for Monroe because the price has risen four times over the past three months and can be mined with a general CPU (central processing unit) without expensive GPUs (graphics processing units). Previously, the global security company Check Point announced that Ruby Miner, a malicious code that exploits Monroe, infected 700 servers worldwide.

An expert from the security industry said, "Recently, there have been a lot of malicious codes for mining along with the fluctuation of the virtual money market," he said. "You should not access attachments or links of emails whose sources cannot be confirmed."

In recent years, scientists working at Russian nuclear facilities have been arrested by the FSB (Federal Security Agency), a Russian intelligence agency, trying to extract bit coins from nuclear weapons supercomputers. The supercomputer at the Russian Federation`s nuclear research institute boasts of the world`s 12th strongest (2011) performance. The FSB was stalled as they tried to connect the supercomputer to the outside world.

Meanwhile, illegal imports of virtual currency mining machines that are not certified as safe are also in Korea. In order to lessen the burden of electric charges, illegal mines operated secretly while illegally using industrial electric power of industrial complexes instead of household electric power are being continuously detected.

By Lee Gyung Tak kt87@

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