Main profit sources- semiconductor and display,‘Full operation’ for plants even during holidays
Park Jung Il | comja77@ | 2018-02-14 11:12:46

Electronic part makers such as semiconductors, displays and lithium-ion batteries, which are exports, will continue to operate the plant during the holidays. There are also characteristics of the manufacturing process, but in order to cover domestic and foreign orders. Conversely, household appliances and mobile phone production plants stop operating during New Year holidays.

According to industry sources on February 13, Samsung Electronics` semiconductor production lines including Giheungㆍ HwaseongㆍPyeongtaek factory in Chungcheongnam-do, Onsan factory in Asan in Chungcheong Province, SK Hynix in Gyeonggi-do and Cheongju factory in Chungbuk are all operating in `4 and 3 shift`.

Samsung Display`s CheonanㆍAsan display production line and LG Display`s GumiㆍGyeonggi-Paju production line will be fully operational 24 hours a day during the holiday season. Samsung Electro-Mechanics, which produces key parts for smart phones, will also operate its domestic production facilities such as multilayer ceramic capacitors (MLCC) and boards as usual. As with semiconductors, if you stop operating once, you will have to discard or rework many of the products in the process, which results in losses. In addition, Samsung SDI and LG Chem will operate battery production facilities during the holidays. Samsung SDI will operate its battery production facilities and electronic materials production facilities normally during the holidays, and LG Chem will rest for a while in the morning of the New Year`s Day on the day of the New Year and normal operation for the rest of the year. A battery company official said, "We will continue to operate the plant to meet the growing demand for batteries, including electric cars and power tools, as well as smartphones."

Meanwhile, most finished goods manufacturing plants such as household appliances and smart phones are closed for the holidays. Samsung Electronics will shut down its Gwangju plant for 15 days and 18 days for four days with appliances such as refrigerators, washing machines and air cleaners. LG Electronics also decided to suspend the operation of the Changwon home appliance factory during the holiday season. In particular, we encourage you to go on a long vacation by appointing the 14th and 19th day of the holiday, the day before and the following day, as the recommended vacation days.

SK Magic, on the other hand, will stop working for four days starting from the 15th, and employees of Hwasung plant that produces electric range and air purifier will go to rest. Dongbu Daewoo Electronics will suspend operation of Gwangju factory which produces red day refrigerator and washing machine. Daewoo Winiah has shut down its Gwangju factory for four days during the holiday season, and some of its lines have been on holiday longer than five days from last 12 days. Cuchende, a rice cooker company, stops its Cheonan plant for the New Year holiday.

Samsung Electronics` Gumi plant, which produces smartphones, has shut down its operations for the holidays in the past, but plans to shut down the plant for 15 days or 16 days before the launch of the Galaxy S9, which will be launched immediately after the New Year holidays,

An industry expert said, "Semiconductor parts are getting better as the demand grows, so we will be able to pay special allowances for high bonus payments." On the other hand, finished product manufacturers stop the plant unless profitability is fundamental.

By Park Jung Il & Kim Eun comja77@

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