Package SW market in peace…Korean SW export to exceed USD 8 billion this year
Hur Woo Young | yenny@ | 2018-02-13 11:16:15

The Korean software industry`s exports are expected to exceed USD 7 billion for the first time last year, and expectations are rising that the USD 8 billion wall will be broken due to the increase in package SW exports this year. In terms of the nature of the industry, it is meaningful that a small number of firms in the domestic SW market, where a small number of companies dominate or dominate the market, are a rare example in which they gain influence in the global market.

According to the industry on February 12, exports of domestic SW exceeded USD 7 billion last year, up 9.7% from the previous year (USD 6.38 billion).

The SW industry is estimated to have surpassed USD 7 billion (KRW 7.8 trillion) in preliminary results due to the growth of the package software industry last year, following exports exceeding USD 6 billion for the first time in 2015 and USD 6.38 billion in 2016. "We were reported to have surpassed USD 7 billion for the first time in the last year due to an increase in SW exports," said Young-min Young, a minister of the Ministry of Information and Communication, who attended the SW New Year`s party held on March 17.

Meanwhile, SW exports are largely divided into IT services and package SW. If the ratio of exports of IT services through public assistance projects is large by 2015, the share of package SW exports will reverse IT services in 2016. This is due to the fact that domestic companies have been competing with global companies for a long time to increase their technological power and product completeness, and to enhance their competitiveness by diversifying their customized services. In particular, thanks to the continued success of the overseas market.

Tmaxsoft, on the other hand, has achieved remarkable results in the field of `open frame solutions` that enable IBM`s mainframe usage environment to be implemented in open systems. It has established overseas subsidiaries in 18 countries, including the US, Japan, China, Russia and Australia, and is exporting nearly USD 20 million. The company is determined to achieve an export value of USD 50 million this year by expanding overseas subsidiaries and aggressively targeting the market. GaonAi and HandySoft stand out for their collaboration solutions focused on the Southeast Asian market. The Company`s Knowledge Knowledge Portal (ezEKP) and Handy Soft`s handy groupware have gained a good response from overseas by providing a smart collaboration environment through the convenience of the user`s viewpoint and the ability to enhance the communication efficiency of the organization.

Also, Forcs is expanding the export of electronic document solutions (Ozui Form) supporting multi-language to Southeast Asia and Southeast Asia. Al-Support has remotely connected to customer`s PC and exported remote call to USA, China, Japan etc. to diagnose trouble and solve problems in real time.

Altibase supplies database management system (DBMS) `Altibase` to China, and Jitiwon supplies source code quality analysis solution `Change Miner` to Japan and Vietnam. exports Digital Rights Management (DRM) solution `Rhapsody` to China and Japan, Igloo Security to integrate security management solution `Spider TM` to Japan, and P & P Secure to DB Access Control Solution `DB Saper DB` have. Hancel and Hancom Office, the only competitors of MS Office in the world document SW field, have been accelerating the European market succession after Japan.

An expert of the commercial SW Association said, "In Japan, the standard for product completeness is very demanding in the SW domain, and the level of domestic SW has been recognized globally so that a number of domestic SW products can enter the market." "We are expecting that the growth of SW exports will become even bigger as there are many products that have accumulated competitiveness."

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