KT“ EV by battery”… Two way charging V2R technology test
Jung Yeo Lin | yeslin@ | 2018-02-13 11:15:39

KT builds a two way charging (V2G) test bed in Bundang building in Seongnam city and demonstrates EV-DR business model using battery resources of EV. KT employees are conducting V2G tests. Photo by KT

KT, on February 12, revealed that it will establish a test bed for two-way charging (V2G, Vehicle to Grid) technology in the Bundang office building in Seongnam city and demonstrate a power demand management (EV-DR)

V2G is a technology that responds to power shortage by discharging the electric power charged in the electric car battery again. This technology has been identified as a major new energy service in the Ministry of Industry and Trade`s report in January. EV-DR can use electric vehicles as a power source using V2G technology when power demand reduction (DR) occurs.

So far, there have been about 10 DRs issued in winter this winter, and some factories and large buildings had to stop operation to reduce power consumption. KT explained that in such a situation, it could serve as a `secondary battery` for factories where the electric vehicle must be shut down.

KT is expected to start building a test bed at the Bundang headquarters and will replace up to 10,000 electric commercial vehicles with electric cars. Last year, KT replaced approximately 1,500 commercial vehicles with electric cars and built an electric vehicle charging infrastructure in the KT headquarters.

KT explained that the core of EV-DR technology is `KT-MEG`, an integrated energy management platform. `KT-MEG` is able to manage electric power status throughout the 24 hours from the Smart Energy Control Center (KT-MEG Center) located in Gwacheon to `e-Brain`, an energy artificial intelligence analysis engine.

Kim Young-myong, chairman of KT Smart Energy Business Unit, said, "If 100,000 electric vehicles in the future participate in the electricity demand reduction market with a capacity of 5kW per hour, it will be able to replace the electric power equivalent to the level of the first thermal power plant. "We will take the lead in revitalizing the V2G market based on KT`s electric cars, charging infrastructure and energy control capabilities."

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