Hyundai Motors to release EV in India next year…Global green car fierce competition expected
Ye Jin Soo | jinye@ | 2018-02-12 10:34:21

Hyundai is expected to launch its first electric car in India next year. Suzuki, India`s leading company, plans to produce electric cars in India in 2020, and a battle between global players is expected to take place in India, the world`s fourth largest car market.

According to the automobile industry on February 11, Hyundai plans to release 9 models including electric cars by 2020, and will produce assembled electric cars locally from next year ahead of Suzuki.

An industry specialist said, "The Indian government plans to support electric vehicles in the coming year, and Hyundai plans to import electric cars in Korea as a semi-assembly (CKD) product from next year and sell them in India. And local production according to market conditions, "he said.

Hyundai is considering putting on one of the Ionic Electric, which has settled in the Korean market based on the results of a survey on consumer preference in India and one of Kona`s electric cars with a maximum mileage of 390 km.

"We will invest USD 1 billion in India and launch nine new models by 2020." The nine models will have four complete change models and two partial change models and two completely new models, one electric model."

The Indian government has set a goal of eliminating gasoline and light trucks by 2030 and selling only 100% electric cars, while global automakers are at the "Auto Expo 2018" (Delhi Motor Show) Announced an electric car. Hyundai introduced separate eco-friendly technology in the exhibition space.

Last year, India`s new car sales reached 401,000 units, surpassing Germany (3.85 million units), becoming the world`s fourth-largest car market. Suzuki Motors of Japan plans to introduce an electric car in India in 2020, aiming at the Indian car market growing at an annual average rate of 10%. Suzuki announced that it plans to invest $ 3 billion by 2020 to develop electric vehicle technology in India and to expand its stores. Suzuki is considering selling an electric car produced in India on the Toyota brand. Maruti Suzuki unveiled the four-wheel-drive concept electric car "e-Survivor" at the Delhi Motor Show.

"India needs a comprehensive ecosystem to support eco-friendly technologies, including India," emphasized the necessity of battery production, recycling, and local production of EVs, as well as charging infrastructure, according to Kenichi Ayukawa, CEO of Kenichi Maruti Suzuki. . Currently, there are only a few hundred electric car charging stations in India, and systematic electric vehicle support plans have not yet been confirmed.

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