Paris Baguette to be hit by ‘baker subsidiary hiring’ labor negotiation shock
Park Min Yeong | ironlung@ | 2018-01-12 10:53:25

Head Quarter of Paris Baguette and the Korean Confederation of Trade Unions and the Korean Confederation of Trade Unions (KCTU) unanimously agreed on a plan to hire bakers through subsidiaries. This has resulted in a social consensus that the employment of the baker will hire subsidiaries within three months.

On the afternoon of January 11, at the 12th floor of the CCMM building in Yeouido, CCMM Bldg., At the Lunar Miele, Democratic Party Euljiro Committee, National Democratic Chemical Textile Labor Union Federation, Justice Party, Permanent Solidarity Party, Paris Baguette Affiliate Headquarters, Merchant Center Council, Officials at the labor center have signed the subsidiary employment agreement.

The Ministry of Employment and Labor ordered the franchise headquarters to hire more than 5,300 bakery workers working at Paris Baguette merchants in September last year. Since then, the two trade unions and the Paris Baguette Franchise Headquarters have engaged in full-scale dialogue, and civil society organizations, including the Euljiro Commission and the Justice and Development Party, have mediated labor and management. The negotiations were concluded as the Paris Baguette franchise headquarters accepted the proposal for employment of subsidiaries proposed by the two trade unions. "I decided that it would be more important for the bakeries to work reliably, and I decided to accept the employment plan for the subsidiary," said a Parisian baguette official.

Through this agreement, PARIS CRAIGER, the Paris Baguette affiliate headquarters, has more than 51% stake in Happy Partners, a joint venture company. Happy Partners` company name will be changed according to the demands of the two trade unions, and the partners will be excluded from participation in shares and registered directors. Wages will rise 16.4% on average compared to existing partners, and benefits will improve to the same level as Franchise Headquarters. The holiday will also increase from 6 days to 8 days. Paris Baguette expects that more than 5,300 jobs will be created as bakers become members of affiliated headquarters subsidiaries. In addition, the company plans to hire more than 500 alternative staff based on the expansion of the holiday for bakers. According to the agreement, the penalties imposed by the employment division are expected to disappear. Earlier, the ministry said it would not impose penalties if bakers oppose direct employment. Some bakers decided to immediately withdraw their lawsuit against the affiliate headquarters to confirm their status.

"We feel deeply responsible as a franchise headquarters by encouraging many other stakeholders including merchant bakers and merchant partners and partners," said Kwon In-tae, the president of KCM. "We have achieved great social consensus even in difficult times, I will do my best to practice and create a lot of quality jobs."

By Park Min Yeong ironlung@

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