Korean government to include communication essential device common usage-‘Communication businessman’
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The Ministry of Science and Technology Ministry of Information and Communication, which is promoting joint use of necessary facilities for network construction, is expected to revise related notices until June and include the clause of "application and use of mobile service provider". Amendments to the reserve ratio and cost estimates should be approached more carefully. SK Telecom is expected to benefit if the announcement is revised.

According to the telecommunication industry on January 11, the Ministry of Information and Communication announced that mobile communication carriers are planning to include contents that they can apply and utilize essential equipment sharing. The main purpose of expanding joint use of essential facilities is `early commercialization of 5G` and `prevention of overlapping investment`, so mobile telecom operators are expanding and expanding them so that they can directly apply and share essential facilities.

KT Chairman Hwang Chang-gyu stated that he wanted a "good price." However, the minister of the Ministry of Information and Communication, Yu Young-min, said, "The fair payment should be made." The industry expected that there would be a change in the calculation criteria. It is not about coordination but about `qualification and application scope of facility application`.

Meanwhile, a senior official of the Ministry of Information and Communication said, "Since the revision of this notice is aimed at 5G construction and investment efficiency, it is important to note that mobile telecommunication operators can apply for essential facilities and utilize them for mobile communication services such as base stations. "We are planning to approach the stakeholders carefully and approach them rather than directly incorporating them into the amendment, because the pipeline reserve ratio and the portion of the cost estimates are very divergent."

According to the current conditions and criteria for calculating the price, facilities that provide essential facilities are those that are telecommunication carriers or facility management institutions (hereinafter referred to as providers), and those that apply for and use them are telecommunication carriers (users).

In the case of telecommunication carriers, telecommunication carriers, special telecommunication carriers and supplementary telecommunication carriers are all covered by the Telecommunications Business Act. However, in the industry, broadband providers such as high-speed broadband internet service providers are mainly used as providers and users. SK Broadband, LG U Plus, and cable TV makers, which are the providers of cable infrastructure, are becoming users.

In the case of 5G mobile communication network, broadband, ultra-high speed and ultra low-delay mobile communication services will require expansion of base station facilities and many wired backbone infrastructures. Therefore, it is necessary for mobile communication service providers to utilize essential facilities. In the case of 3G or 4G network, the situation was the same, but in the case of 5G, essential equipment for expanding the wired backbone network became a key factor.

On the other hand, there was not a lot of noise in the application for the essential equipment. One telecommunication policy expert said, "Although the telecommunication carriers are all allowed to apply for the notification, if the purpose of the facility is` mobile communication `, KT, the provider, refuses to provide the facility due to` There was a case of noise, such as not being on time. "

In fact, this conflict has surfaced five years ago when a 4G LTE network was built. As telecom operators fiercely compete in the LTE era, competition was very sensitive to LTE network quality and speed. At present, the Ministry of Information and Communication has revised the necessary equipment notifications for the 4G LTE six years ago. LG U +, another mobile carrier, was unable to separate the cable business from the wireless business, so it was able to bypass the use of mobile communication for other cable businesses when it requested the provision of essential facilities. Since SK Telecom injected its cable business with SK Broadband, it was the first time that it had been used for mobile communication when it requested the provision of essential facilities.

The expert stated, "If you are not a member of an essential telecommunication service provider, you should remove the noise and make a format that meets the government`s purpose of early establishment of 5G mobile communication and prevention of redundant investment. "In this case, SK Telecom will be directly benefited, and it is analyzed that the minister`s remarks that" the right price should be paid "as an opposite benefit."

A senior government representative said, "Since the joint use of essential equipment is expanded for the early construction of 5G, it is necessary to revise the notices so that the mobile telecommunication carriers can also demand essential facilities, and after that, I will go out."

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