SKT president-Park Jong-ho “We chase China closely, 5G competitiveness possible only after IT eco-system change”
Park Jung Il | comja77@ | 2018-01-11 10:57:52

Park Chung-ho, president of SK Group, mentioned, "The situation will be considered this year," said SK Telecom CEO Chey Tae-won. Once SK Telecom establishes a mid-holding company by transferring its management rights to SK Hynix, and merges with SK Group holding company, SK Hynix is promoted as a subsidiary of the group and is not tied up with the stipulation of holding 100% We can pursue aggressive M & A activities.

When asked about the possibility of the transition to mid-holding company at the `CES 2018` event in Las Vegas on September 9, Park said, "When considering macroeconomic conditions, I think that there are conditions to consider. " "We can think of it as a way to strengthen the organizational collaborative structure so that the actual (affiliates) move more like one family," he added.

This is due to the fact that SK Telecom and SK Hynix is able to participate in merger and acquisition (M & A) for the business transformation of `Deep Change` business by Chey Tae-won. SK Hynix`s surplus cash is said to be over W5trn. Taking into account the recent robust performance, the company`s cash-generating capacity is among the top among the group affiliates, excluding the W4 trillion in acquisition of Toshiba`s stake in memory. Park also worried that China is now in a position to chase China as the country is growing at a rapid pace based on deregulation. He said, "China is running fast in the second half of 4G," he said. "We are worried about technology gap. To catch up, we need to build 5G competitively and change our IT ecosystem."

Park said deregulation is necessary to overcome these concerns. "China has less regulation, and what the US thinks is realized by China," he said. "In the past, IT was India, but now China is ahead." "Only one autonomous vehicle has a lot of related organizations," he said.

Meanwhile, Mr. Park made technological gap and innovation as a challenge for the Korean industry. In particular, SK Telecom emphasized that it will create an innovative environment as an infrastructure operator. He cited the telematics business as an autonomous vehicle as one of the earliest major projects in the 5G era that could enable innovation. As a result, SK Telecom has signed a Strategic Partnership for `5G Autonomous Navigation and Smart City` with HERE, a maker of HD maps (ultra-precise maps) at the CES 2018 site. SK Telecom said it plans to build an HD map system that will provide cloud-based coverage of major roads including the nation`s highways by December 2019. At the time, SK Telecom explained that it is developing an algorithm that automatically updates the HD map when it finds a difference between the newly changed road environment and the previously stored map. To this end, he has partnered with Hera.

"We have our own guidance, but cooperating in creating HD maps is faster and more efficient than alone," he said. "We are also working with NVIDIA."

"4G is mixed with people, and 5G is enough to make it possible to complete self-driving." Regarding the related communication expenses, he said, "People will be cheaper than the time and the labor value of driving the car. Meanwhile, Park said he plans to participate in the exhibition booth at CES next year.

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