National Assembly to propose to block carpool app…People against the proposal
Kang Eun Seong | esther@ | 2018-01-10 11:22:34

The carpool app is a similar transportation company, and a bill to block the service itself was promulgated at the end of last year. It is noteworthy that the people oppose the passage of the bill actively by filing a petition against the legislation.

According to the National Assembly on January 9, opposition to the legislative debate is continuing on people`s revision bill of passenger automobile transportation business law initiated by Lee Chan-yeol (the people`s party) belonging to National Transportation and Transportation Committee last December. In the revised bill, Lee said "plus," "luxurious," and "uber-Share," which are attracting attention as so-called "carpool apps," are illegal similar transportation arrangements.

Meanwhile, the current law also prohibits similar transportation by car. However, Article 81 (1) of the current law prohibits the case of riding a passenger car when commuting by train. The revised bill, which the council has initiated, narrows the "commute time" from 7:00 am to 9:00 pm and 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm and prohibits "business for profit". If this bill is passed, the carpool app service becomes an illegal service, making it difficult to legally use it.

Mr. Lee said the illegal provision of the service was due to the "threat of the survivability of taxi transport workers" and the infiltration of "huge capital" into the industry. Lee said, "The explosion of smartphone apps that advertise the carpool as a bailout under Article 81, Paragraph 1 of the current law, is illegal and illegal transfer of cargo using car is expanding indiscriminately," he said. And the lives of taxi drivers are also seriously threatened. "

It is an amendment initiated by Lee for the purpose of protecting the industry, but the general public expresses a strong opposition to the bill. The National Assembly has listed the main contents of the initiated bill at a glance and posted it on its website. The opinions of the public are received through `registration of opinion on legislative notice`.

Citizen Mr. Huh criticized the article as "absolutely objecting to the junior law to regulate unnecessarily", saying, "Everyone has the same commute time, but arbitrarily (the same commute time) is regulated." Mr. Lee also said, "Even if energy conservation is required, carpool should be encouraged, but regulating is not good." Most citizens who voiced their disapproval expressed a strong opposition to the opposition and opposition to the association.

Meanwhile, experts advise legislators to have a more flexible attitude toward new convergence services in the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. The cabinet, organized by the government, is a member of the Fourth Industrial Revolution Committee. "The taxi industry is not the people but the taxi industry, which has been giving legal objections to the current appraisal of the carpool app. I feel a great sense of crisis, "he said.

In fact, the taxi industry strongly rejected the public hearing held by the Seoul Metropolitan Government at the end of last year in order to publicize the app. "It is important to protect and encourage the industry, but it is time for the legislature to consider how the legislature will dissolve the changes in the Fourth Industrial Revolution, which have already broken into everyday life. It is somewhat of concern to regulate and regulate all changes illegally and I`m excited."

By Kang Eun Seong esther@

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