Samsung to mass produce 512GB large capacity eUFS
Park Jung Il | comja77@ | 2017-12-06 10:23:32

Samsung Electronics announced that it is planning to mass produce 512GB massive built-in universal flash storage device (eUFS & Photograph) for the first time in the world.

Samsung Electronics began mass production of 128GB eUFS for smartphones in January 2015, followed by 256GB eUFS last February and mass produced 512GB eUFS from last month. It has doubled the built-in memory capacity of mobile devices in 21 months.

The product stacks high-performance 64 -stage 512Gb V NANDs in eight stages and makes them into one package chip form with dedicated controller. Compared to the existing 48-stage 256Gb V NAND flash-based 256GB products, the capacity is doubled and the size is the same.

The 64-bit 512-Gbit 3-bit V NAND is a high-performance controller developed by the company. It uses super-fast mapping technology to quickly convert virtual addresses to physical addresses and Samsung`s proprietary technology such as `ultra-low power technology` has been applied.

Samsung Electronics stated that 64GB eUFS, which is mainly used in existing smartphones, can record 13 movies in 10 minutes in 4K UHD mode (3840x2160), but 512GB eUFS can record 130 movies continuously. In addition, it has achieved the highest level of continuous memory read speed of 860MB / s, continuous write speed of 255MB / s, random read speed of 42,000 I / O per second and random write speed of 4000 IOPS.

5GB of full HD video with eUFS stored on a smartphone can be transferred to SSD (Solid State Drive) at six invitations, eight times faster than conventional micro SD cards, the company added. In addition, random write speeds are 400 times faster than micro SD cards (100 IOPS), enabling fast processing of complex tasks such as high-quality photo sequencing, file search and downloading of videos on dual screens, without buffering.

Han Jae- su, a vice president of strategic marketing at Samsung Electronics Memory Division, said, "We have solved a technical problem that cannot be used with a high-capacity micro SD card due to a slowdown in mobile devices." Samsung Electronics is continuing to increase production of 64GB 256 Gb V NAND, which is a state-of-the-art mass-production product. In addition, 512Gb V NAND is also rapidly growing in mass production, responding to increasing demand for enterprise mobile memory and SSDs.

By Park Jung Il comja77@

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