Apple continuous no comment despite of iPhone X defects
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[Digital Times, Kim Ji-young] Apple`s 10th anniversary smartphone `iPhone X (TEN)` got caught in the so-called `Green Line Gate` where vertical green lines appear on the screen. Consumers complain that the screen does not work well in cold weather and it becomes a `junk`. There are consumer complaints such as `buzzing` noise when the music is played loudly from the front speaker. .

Apple`s new product, the iPhone X, on November 13, has been spotlighted in many parts of the world for writing mechanical defects and complaints.

Since the iPhone X was officially launched on November 3, user complaints are increasing due to green lines, cold gates, and noise, regardless of the specific model or iOS version. Apple is silent on this.

Apple`s product defects have been pointed out in the past iPhone series. The iPhone 4 was launched in 2010. It is famous for an antenna gate or death grip. This is a phenomenon in which the reception sensitivity is greatly reduced when Apple handles the bumper portion of the iPhone 4 released in 2010. At that time, CEO Steve Jobs Apple has been officially released less than a month after its launch. He offered iPhone 4 buyers free bumpers and cases.

Even after that, the gate did not break. The iPhone 5, which was launched in 2012, was replaced free of charge due to a shortage in battery life.

The iPhone 6 Plus, launched in 2014, has a band gate problem that easily bends even with small power. At this time, Apple did not admit the problem.

Most recently, the iPhone 8 has swelling in the United States, China, Taiwan and Thailand. Apple announced its intention to launch an investigation, but there was no official announcement afterwards.

As such, the iPhone`s series of mechanical flaws are repeated, but Apple`s attitude toward it is lukewarm. At the time of the antenna gate of the iPhone 4, it was understood that the user had trouble with the way of holding the iPhone. First of all, iOS update and free exchange have been limited.

There is a growing concern that the iPhone X will be released in Korea. "If a product becomes a problem, Apple will not be able to compensate for future damage if it does not recall or actively take action," an industry official said.

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