Administrative security department “IT service position excluded from full time position”… SW industry in safe zone
Lim Song Yeop | starleaf@ | 2017-09-14 11:21:56

Some government agencies have been trying to regularize their information technology (IT) personnel on the same lines as cleaning and security services, and the Ministry of Public Administration and Security, which is the government agency responsible for e-government, decided to exclude the IT sector from permanent conversion in recent years. The IT industry group believes that it is inappropriate to include in the regularization target as much as it corresponds to the specialized field, and the government will infringe the private industry area if the business and the people absorbed by the public institution.

According to the government and IT industry on September 13, the ministry decided not to include about 800 employees, who are in charge of IT maintenance, in the regularization, while staying at the National Information Resource Administration (formerly the Information Integration Center). The local information development agency, which operates the core IT system of the municipal government, does not employ the IT operation personnel belonging to the enterprise as regular employees. If a total of 1,600 employees are transferred to a public institution, the companies that are at risk of losing their jobs at the same time are relieved.

The Ministry of National Defense recently reported to the Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications on how to operate the IT maintenance manpower of the National Intelligence Service. This decision has been made as IT maintenance manpower was judged to be equivalent to software specialists. The Regional Information Development Institute, which is home to about 800 IT maintenance personnel, will follow the policy guidelines. The Regional Development Institute is an organization that has its own data center and operates the core administrative information system used by the local governments throughout the country.

"According to the Guideline for the Conversion of Non-regular Employees in the Public Joint Public Sector, a specialist worker of a contractor with a contract with a public institution is included in the exceptional case of regular employment," said an official of the Ministry of Labor. "In the SW Industrial Promotion Act, we do not think that the maintenance workforce is the target for a full-time job."

Meanwhile, it is also the background of the judgment that the IT industry is adversely affected if the public sector absorbs the manpower belonging to the IT company and carries out the maintenance work itself. "Around 800 IT maintenance personnel are employees of a specific company. Once they are absorbed by public institutions, they will be deprived of the business opportunities that they have already given to the company." The government`s IT industry guidelines are particularly different we will not change the decision unless it is supported. "

A representative of the Regional Development Agency said, "The information service business is a private business area not covered by the Ministry of Employment and Labor`s regularization," he said.

However, the two agencies are planning to employ non-regular workers in the cleaning and security sector as indirect employment forms proposed by the Ministry of Employment and Labor and to gradually switch to regular workers. An official of the Agency for Regional Development said, "The workers in irregular jobs such as cleaning and expenses at the government offices will be converted into full-time workers after the service organization is over." A representative from the National Intelligence Service also stated, "Workers with driving skills, such as driving, secretarial, and cleaning, will be promoted to full-time employment."

By Lim Song-yeop

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