Unchanged unqualified employee in changed government

[ Lee Joon Gee bongchu@ ] | 2018-05-15 10:37:06
"We thought this government would be different. However, it did not change as much as the unqualified employees."

According to the science and technology field on May 14, there is increasing concern about the lack of expertise in the field of parachute research ahead of the appointment of a standing auditor to the government-funded research institute. This is because the position of the standing auditor is showing signs of going to gratitude personnel for those who contributed to creating the government.

The National Institute of Science and Technology is expected to appoint a standing auditor of the 25 institutes including Korea Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute, Korea Institute of Science and Technology and Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute and Korea Aerospace Research Institute.

The standing committee is limited to institutions that administer a budget of KRW 100 billion a year. Unlike a non-standing audit, it guarantees three years in office and receives authority and courtesy equivalent to that of the chief engineer. Relatively less responsibility for the operation of the agency has become an important target for the parliamentary personnel of the regime.

More than 10 people participated in the 4-time stand-up audit contest by organization. ETRI has received a maximum of 13 applicants. 11 people, 10 nuclear experts, and 7 KIST participated in the competition, showing high competition. ETRI has been nominated as a candidate for the former Parliamentarian, Park Chang-soo and the former head of the budget evaluation department of the National Assembly budget. Both candidates are categorized as political figures, and Park is reported to be a strong candidate.

An expert from ETRI expressed concern that "the candidates who have expertise in the rapidly changing ICT environment in the 4th Industrial Revolution era should play a proper role, and the candidates are not fit for it."

Nuclear power is expected to compete with businessmen, NGO activists, and college professors, while Kim Sung-rok, former managing director of the Daegu-Gyeongbuk Textile Association, Seo To-duk, researcher at Busan Kyungnam Ecological City Research Institute and Professor Ham Cheol-hoon. A rumor has erupted that an activist has been nominated for the denuclearization movement, and the union demanded that a professional person should be appointed with a statement. The union said that if a person who does not understand nuclear power is appointed to a standing audit, he will use all means to stop it, and the process of appointing a standing auditor is unlikely to be smooth.

He has been narrowed down to two parallels between Kim Moo-kyoung, head of the business development division of SkyKing Academy Simulator, and Na Hoon-kyun, a researcher at the National Fusion Research Institute. It is notable that I, a researcher who is a researcher, have been recommended as a candidate by applying for a standing auditor of another institution.

Hang Woo-yeong, Kim, Moo-gyeong, Korea Enterprise Consulting Consultant and Yun Hyun-joo, former director of Intellectual Property Strategy Planning Department, were recommended as a double candidate. Yoon is a senior civil servant and retired after he was the head of strategic planning for the future. The research group plans to finalize the candidates after the candidates are verified in the next month.

A representative of the company said, "Unlike the past, the position of standing auditor should be as strong as that of the head of the agency and have a great sense of responsibility and expertise," he said. "I expected the appointment of a standing auditor for the new government to be more transparent and fair. I`m afraid I do not think so, "he said. Meanwhile, in addition to standing auditors, the Korea Research Foundation and the Basic Science Research Institute, which are related to science and technology, are also in the process of holding a regular audit contest.

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