Certificate forgery in investigation, imported car to be expanded in full
Kim Yang Hyuk | mj@ | 2017-11-13 10:02:41


[The Digital Times, Kim Yang-hyuk] The Korean government is expanding the survey on the certificate and alteration of some imported car companies to all imported cars. Authorities have said that European companies, including Mercedes-Benz, BMW, etc., who have already been caught, are likely to be unfair, and will broaden the scope of the investigation.

According to Seoul Customs and the Ministry of Environment on November 12, the authorities decided to expand the investigation on the manipulation and false report of the certification documents of three companies such as BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Porsche to the whole imported cars. Up to 20 brands are expected to be included in the survey.

KAIDA has 23 brands that count sales volume and about 10 brands as corporation. Existing customs and the Ministry of Environment have more than seven times more than the three companies surveyed. The survey also takes longer than two years, and the survey results will be expected in the first half of next year. A related official said, "It took about three months to investigate the company that was caught," he said. "The scope of the investigation has been broadened.

Meanwhile, the authorities believe that similar acts like this have been going on for a long time. Especially, it is said that the practice will be concentrated in European car companies and it will eradicate illegal practices altogether. Another official said, "In the case of Japan, it is a special system for government officials to check their own authentication system, and since they export their cars after certification, there is no big burden on Korea and the US is similar.

It will be also considered introducing a system that can distinguish between the stomach and the modulation of vehicle certification documents in the future. The system to be introduced is a system that filters the parts that are manipulated by computer. Currently, the National Institute of Environmental Research, which is under the Ministry of Environment, examines the reports sent from the import car headquarters. However, it is impossible to thoroughly verify a lot of documents because it is done by hand. We are also not responsible for any alteration or modification of the certification documents. A representative from the National Institute of Environmental Science said, "After the Volkswagen incident, we asked the headquarters personnel to confirm the certification documents, not to Korea personnel."

By Kim Yang Hyuk mj@

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