11km domestic market ‘Inje tunnel’, AI prevented big incident by CCTV
Lee Gyung Tak | kt87@ | 2017-09-13 11:09:18

It is noteworthy that CCTV, which applied artificial intelligence (AI) technology to the longest tunnel in the country, has been established for the first time in a long time, as large-scale tunnel accidents occurred and social issues became a succession. In fact, even if a major accident is likely to occur, a quick response was made to avoid the accident thanks to the intelligent surveillance system.

Korea Highway Corporation installed 230 intelligent CCTVs in Inje Tunnel, Seoul Yangyang Expressway, which was opened at the end of June, and built an automatic accident detection system to monitor abnormal situations in real time. In fact, on July 19, there was a grueling situation when a back-wheeling car entered the tunnel, but the system detected it and the tunnel center and highway patrol team immediately dispatched to prevent a major accident. Besides, the road construction company explained that one backlog and 57 broken vehicles occurred but the system did not lead to an accident.

The Inje tunnel, which is 11 km in length, is the longest in the country and the 11th longest road tunnel in the world. Therefore, once an accident occurs, it is likely to lead to a major accident. Therefore, the road construction company decided to install the AI-based CCTV more advanced than the existing one in March, which was about three months before the opening, and after conducting the equipment performance test for the companies, the company was selected and built from May.

In the past, when CCTV was installed at a distance of 150m on the side of a tunnel, there was a blind spot, and CCTV had no ability to judge the situation, so a person had to watch the screen. In contrast, Inje Tunnel installed CCTV at 90m intervals on the ceiling to eliminate blind spots. Besides, it is caught and it is applied to a deep learning technology which informs an administrator when an abnormal situation such as a stationary vehicle, a pedestrian, or a backward vehicle occurs by real-time analysis of CCTV video in image processor and notifying the tunnel manager of the situation. For instance, if a vehicle or pedestrian stays in the same position for more than 10 seconds, the CCTV captures it and notifies the supervisor.

Hun S, the company specializes in intelligent transportation system (ITS), and S1 supply AI algorithm solution. `Smart Image Management System (SVMS)`, a deep learning based intelligent recognition algorithm developed by S1W, plays the role of the brain of the system.

As a result of confirming a certain accident prevention function through the operation for two months, Road Corporation plans to expand the system to the national highway. According to the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport`s ‘Traffic Accidents in Tunnels’ data, traffic fatalities in tunnels account for 2.3 times the incidence of traffic accidents.

"The Inje tunnel is 11 kilometers long and it is impossible for human being to observe all situations and it is impossible to cope with it. The result of this system is amazing," stated an representative of ITS office of Korea Highway Corporation. “We will standardize this model and spread it to the national highway tunnel."

By Lee Gyung Tak kt87@

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